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. investigators arrested 28-year-old at a san jose motel last week. they say at the robbed two u.s. banks at gun point. the first san jose on august 28th. second in sunnyvale on september 25th. they found evidence linking him to the crimes in his hotel room. >>> halloween came early today. police stopped a driver on fourth street when they noticed he was wearing a gas mask. they also found he had a realistic looking grenade. they cleared the surrounding half block area and called out the bomb squad. they found out the driver was employed at a local costume store. he was cited for being in possession of an inert grenade. you are asked to choose halloween costumes carefully this year. be careful where you go and when you put it on. >> we saw the ice cream shops and frozen yogurt places doing record numbers of business. >> a line out the door. i had iced coffee myself today. you know you just down right know it's going to be a hot day here when we're forecasting at the coastline temperatures in the 90s. santa cruz hitting the century mark today. i had to look twice at that number. the official high
. >>> security at the u.s. embassy in libya comes into focus in the aftermath of the deadly attack that killed a bay area native. >>> there's a new fight brewing one day after jerry sandusky was sentenced. plus -- >>> i'm marianne favro. the high court is hearing the by egs university rape case in years. we'll hear local reaction from bay area students. >>> well, it is controversial and it is decisive. the u.s. supreme court heard arguments today in the most important civil rights case to come before justices in the past six years. it's a challenge to the use of race as a factor in admissions at university of texas. >> and bay area students are watching this very carefully, and the uc regents are actively weigh inning. marianne favro is live with reaction tonight. >> reporter: here on campus a hearing today is resurrecting the debate over which factors should go into determining which students are aadmitted. it involves abigail fisher, a white woman that applied to the university of texas in 2008. she claims her race prevented her from getting accepted, and she's suing university. >> i hope th
. the u.s. postal inspector's office is offering a $10,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the mail stealers. the office sent armed officers into rose avenue and nancy lane after a report last week on the thefts. >> any time somebody attacks a mail box like that, it is a federal crime. the crime has been committed. it's serious. >> you heard it. federal crime. the thieves face five years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine. the victims have had to go to the post office to get their mail now. repairing the vandalized mail boxes is the responsibility of the landlord. >>> still ahead at 6:00 the call of the soil. we'll show you the wine makers. >>> tragedy on the tracks. we often hear of deadly accidents on all rails. ahead in an nbc bay area investigation we find out just how often it's happening and what is being done to prevent more crashes here in the bay area. >>> then a little later, a free solution to some potentially expensive problems. the first of its kind cafe opening up right here in the bay area. >>> good evening. cool and cloudy day for us and another system
could change the future of the u.s. >>> the san francisco food bank is reeling from an unexpected funding cut. we show you why it's only one of the only bay area counties to miss out on badly needed federal funds. >> it's bread, vegetables and eggs for breakfast. >> reporter: gonzalez orders food for san francisco's lutheran social services, which gives away food to 85 needy families every thursday. >> it's their monthly staple. and we distribute every thursday. without this food, they wouldn't have food for the week. >> reporter: now san francisco's food bank, which supplies hundreds of groups across san francisco, is finding itself in need. >> for the second year in a row, the national fema board has not made a direct application to the city of san francisco. >> reporter: paul ashe says for two years, the government has used a formula based on up employment and poverty rates to determine funding. san francisco did not qualify. >> we estimate to be about $160,000, which is enough food because of our buying power and donations to bring about 450 meals or food for those meals to sa
. here's my e-mail. here's a u.s. today app. you can see it is beautiful, fluid. >> reporter: tablets and laptops. tablet that's turn into laptops, all ready to give apple a run for its money. all running the new windows rt from microsoft. >> this is a game changer. it allows you to do things on a tablet you never imagined doing with an ipad. >> reporter: windows rt is a new version of windows 8 designed for tablets and ultra light computers. it combines the capability of a pc with the battery life and mobility of a tablet. >> it is a much more pure experience. much more ipad like experience than the overall windows 8 experience. we like things that are simple. i think in tablets with wind owes, this is the product that will have a much easier road to take. >> windows rt will enable a bran new class of hardware that brings a truly mobile experience to the pc. >> reporter: for this, it meaning more users on more devices. able to do more with the technology they hold in their hands. >> you know, this is our heritage. we've been working with gamers since continueception of the company. a
people were thriving in the u.s., but latinos were still disen franchised. >> no one seemed to care about the farm workers who picked the nation's food. unable to demand the most basic rights. caesar cared. chavez who died in 1993, is buried on the site. while the election is a month away. you don't have to wait to vote. officials have the go ahead to send out vote by mail ballots. it is not too late to register to vote. if you have already registered and want to sign up to vote by mail, that deadline is the 30th. >> this evening the children and friends of susie co will remember her. fbi agents spent the day searching for evidence in the hu hurcules home. >> we are trying to collect more evidence the supautopsy was doe this morning indicating that she was stabbed and there was blunt force trauma to the head. >> a second grade teacher known for her humor and kindness to strangers. they are trying to find her automobile. it has license plate 1a1f680. police say there has been an in crete in burglaries. looking for any kind of physical evidence that may help solve this case. we know that th
chain. the centers for disease control say it counted 85 cases of salmonella in 27 u.s. states since july involving the same strain of salmonella as the fish but there's no confirmed link. no one has died but ten people have been hospitalized. >>> let's turn things over to jeff. it is warm and sizzling outside. it's still super hot out there. >> my last facebook status update, i need a pool. it's way too hot. nobody has bitten yet. all right. right now we'll talk about the forecast and when we get major changes in here in just a few minutes. >> i have a pool. come on over. you have to baby sit three girls. the a's are doing everything in their power to win some of the hearts back. next on xfinity sports desk, with a's stay focused on the last two games of the season after last night's green and gold celebration in oakland. we'll have the answer next. >>> giants playoffs, 49ers, festivals, anything not happening in san francisco this weekend? >> you forgot about the blue angels. >> blue angels up above and down below the best sailors in the world. >> lawrence scott joins us from san f
. >> more than 30,000 syrians have been killed. in afghanistan the u.s. confirms the cia officer and army intelligence officer were among those killed this past weekend. the army specialist is brittany gordon from florida. the name of the cia officer has not been released yet. another suicide bombing today at a u.s. post in eastern afghanistan. the car bomber detonated the explosives at the gate of the base, wounding 45 people. the taliban is claiming responsibility for this attack. >> promising news for the pakistani girl shot by gunman. the hospital released a statement saying she is in stable condition and continues to impress doctors. the girl was air lifted to the england hospital for more specialized care after being shot in the head last week on the way home from school. the taliban says she was targeted for promoting education for young girls. >> thank you. >> still ahead at 6:00, the pharmacy under investigation for prescription refills. >> evil elmo. why the character is turning heads here in the bay area. >> and good evening. i'm in the nbc weather center. record setting temper
written about the u.s. attk in bens. the deal made by the regime and syrian fighters. it's all next in world tonight. >>> coming up, baseball and the second screen. a bay area company that wants to help you tweet while you watch. ♪ [ female announcer ] add your own ingredients to hamburger helper for a fresh take on a quick, delicious meal. it's one box with hundreds of possibilities. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant >>> did the california highway patrol drop the ball on school buses. earlier this year they raised red flags about buses that regularly break down and that aren't getting repaired on time. now five months later chief investigative reporter tony covaleski is here tonight. it is the highway patrol's job to make sure the buses are safe. >> california highway patrol is responsible for the safety of alls abouts in the state. that means inspecting buses, setting standards and making sure students are safe. that's why when public school bus drivers exposed problems, they expected the chp
virginia and rain in eastern pennsylvania, leading to flooding. some 50 u.s. lives have been lost, mostly from falling trees, car cashes. more than 8 million people in 17 states lops p s lost power, as . rob mayeda has the latest. where does it stand now? >> we're watching this large pin wheel of precipitation rotating around the northeast. it was at this hour last night a category 1 hurricane, crossing the jersey shore. now you can see the low pressure center between pittsburgh and buffalo. winds closer to the center at 45 miles per hour. so the winds have come down, but you can see the rain and heavy snow just to the south. notice the path with this remnant low of what was hurricane sandy will drift up to the north into ontario, north of toronto by tomorrow afternoon. that moisture and that wind is going to subside a little more tomorrow. but tonight in the northeast, you're still seeing nasty weather, northeast of new york into boston, severe thunderstorm warnings and some possible tornado producing storms could be occurring around cape cod until what's left of former hurricane sandy l
november 8th. >>> the u.s. supreme court is indicating it will decide next month whether or not to review california's proposition 8. the indication comes from a notice the high court posted on its website today. the notice reads that prop 8 which banned same-sex marriage is on the agenda of a private conference scheduled for november 20th. if the supreme court does decide to take on the case this year, we will know by november 26th. the case is at the highest level after the sponsors of prop 8 asked the court to overturn the u.s. court of appeals decision which found the measure unconstitutional. >>> to a developing story, impacting a huge swath along the east coast, hurricane sandy made landfall in new jersey. tonight, at least five people are reported dead. surging waves pounded the coastline and rain left many coastal street just flooded. winds of up to 90 miles an hour wreaking havoc, ripping down signs and power lines and battering homes, boardwalks and businesses. so far, the storm has knocked out power to nearly 2 million people. for the latest, we bring in meteorologist rob mayed
rid of prepaid problems. get chase liquid. we a live on the u.s. kirk berkeley calm pug with the reaction on the 30 th anniversary of the play. you know it's a big deal if it has its own name, right, monte? >> just about everyone remembers the play even though 30 years have passed. in just a matter of seconds two mens lives collided. >> the band is out on the field! he's going to go in the end zone. they have won! >> it was 1982 and cal was trailing stanford 19-20 and with four seconds to go in the game stanford picked off. the ball was lateraled from player to player and cal player reached the end zone as the stanford band was already there on the field to apparently celebrate their team's victory. but he scored and knocked over a trombone player by the name of gary terrell. cal won the game and is rest the sport's history. today they both attended to cal/stanford game and reminisced n't those few seconds 30 years ago that changed both of their lives. >> two seconds of my life 30 years ago. sort of incredible thing is that, you know, probably every month of my life sinc
-- these are programs that are available to all immigrants. >> any one who is working in the u.s. pays into immediate care and federal and estate taxes and should be entitled to treem. among the things he is looking forward to is taking his daughter trick or treating for halloween. >> a lot of claps, the san jose civic has reopened after a $15 million renovation. chuck reed and city leaders head a ribbon cutting. among the upgrades a $1 million video system, a new plush seating. it was paid for by mostly redevelopment funds. >> it means a lot to our downtown businesses and our economy. people come to shows, they dine, may stay overnight so there is a spin-off just very excited. >> one person was missing from this ceremony, entertainer george lopez, organizers said his plane from southern california got delays. >> well, a lot of pressure on this one person. a million people that are descending. going to count on you tomorrow. >> you know, everything depends on what's happening outdoors with the big weekend. we're start of one of them on the deck of a vacant island. this gigantic ship, how about the gr
goes public. >>> u.s. postal inspectors arrested this new york man who sued mark zuckerberg claiming the founder promised him half of the company starting out at harvard. he is charged with wire and mail fraud. he told reporters his arrest was an outrage. prosecutors say he doctored and fabric ated and detroyed evidence to support the claims he made in a lawsuit in 2010. if convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. >>> it turns out it is the best way to make money these days and it's not turning back the clock to buy apple at $10 a share. it's something you can do now to take advantage of the strengthening economy. scott budman is here with the answer you're dying to hear. >> the economy is stronger and the stock market up about 120% since 2009. have you gone along on that ride? you have in you've done something easy very consistently. the stock market has come roaring back since 2009, doubling in value. led by technology companies which have seen stock prices jump as sales of gadget hit record highs. where does that leave you financially? potentially in good shap
the cherry on the top of the busy year in the bay area. that's included the u.s. open, america's cup yacht races and the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge. >> there are folks who have been working in this organization or in this industry for literally dozens of years. none of us can recall a city that has had this kind of impact not only economic impact but kind of emotional impact. >> reporter: like the giants, enrique has a world series experience under his belt. >> $20 jackets. >> reporter: knowing that a season that was nearly over has now just begun. joe rizzoto jr., bay area news. >> i don't think it's sunk in, two world series in the past three years. it is just another dream season for the giants and for fans, too. who would think that? >> did he say $20 jackets? they're usually $80. both teams had a light workout at the ballpark late this afternoon. and the giants made an interesting announcement just a short while ago. no tim lincecum, sort of. our dave feldman continues our coverage from at&t park. you're one of about 1,000 members of the media today at the park? >> it'
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